Owensboro by prop

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Past Aaron was an idiot for scheduling this flight to Kentucky with two layovers. I bet I end up on a prop plane before the day is done. — Aaron Traffas (@traffas) May 6, 2013 I tweeted that before heading to the airport yesterday. Upon arrival at Mid-Continent, I learned my flight from ICT to […]

New comments system

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I’m finally installing the Disqus comments system on the site tonight, and it may be a a short while before the comments are processed and put back. Don’t worry, I didn’t delete anything. I’m winding down after a long auction tonight and one hell of a past few months. Developer sprints are tough when you’re […]

State fair, state fair

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I posted the video and live blog of my trip to the fair on Wednesday over at the AuctioneerTech site for anyone who is interested, so if you haven’t seen it yet head on over and check it out. Here’s a nice, juicy morsel from our friends over at www.dreamnotoftoday.com that needs to be spread […]

New website

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I’ve been posting more and more posts that are technology- or auction-related over last few months. In an effort to both not bore existing viewers of this page as well as provide a medium where I can focus more on auctions and technology, I launched auctioneertech.com where I can cover current technology and auction events and […]

New shows section

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We had a great show at Bobby T’s on Friday. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to the broadcast. Thanks to Ty and Rob, our friends from San Francisco, who called in with credit cards to buy us rounds of drinks from several states away. Thus ends the three-day weekend of relaxation. Today […]

NAA forum Q&A

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I was playing around on the NAA forum, a great member benefit for auctioneers, and I realized that what I was writing was applicable to just about anyone, not just auctioneers. Here you are, for whatever it may be worth to you. I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for the last two years. It’s […]


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Today I received two copies of Kansas English: The Journal of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. The twice-yearly-published compendium includes poems, song lyrics and essays from a range of authors in Kansas. This issue featured “Red Dirt Farm” on page 65. Thanks for G to getting it listed and sending me copies. ATS […]


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We had a great day today. Seven students enrolled in the Auction Technology Specialist course put on by the NAA. Some were old friends, some are now new. I’m looking forward to the next three days. I just ate with John and Sara Grahm. It was the first time I’ve met my newest first cousin […]


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Tonight I leave for Kansas City to start teaching the Auction Technology Specialist course tomorrow morning. Robert Mayo and I made a ton of progress on Wednesday whipping the course material into shape. I’m really excited and honored to get to teach this first, innaugural class. headed to eat with the family Erica and mom […]

Tuesday drive

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Now that Moses is dead, can we finally repeal the second commandment? I wrote this on Tuesday. Going to Kansas City this morning to work on stuff for the NAA. I spent a ton of time working on the new auction technology specialist course, only to ave the majority of my changes not included in […]