DTV Shredder

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One of the suckiest parts of fence-fixing is getting on and off the ATV. I saw this new…thing on and think it would be the awesomest thing to use fixing fence. It’s not likely the most comfortable riding experience over long distances, but pulling a trailer alongside you would be a pretty slick use. […]

Rain delay

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“I’ll be in my basement room With my needle and my spoon And some other girl to try and ease my pain away” Paraphrased slightly from “Dead Flowers”, Jagger/Richards It’s been in my head all day. I’ve been telling myself for the last six months that I’m going to learn that damn song. I still […]

I burned up my flip-flop

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No, I don’t wear flip-flips, but my sister does. Here’s the story. I had bearing go out on me yesterday. The right, rear walker bearing. You know, the one behind the arm that drives the grain pan? Right. I’ve never been able to remove the race from that particular bearing without cutting it, and my […]

Diesel music

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Wanna know what the sweetest sound in the world is? Too bad. I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s the sound of a Massey Fergueson 860 combine starting for the first time after a long, cold winter. My father vouched for me last week. I guess I’m now providing the sound equipment for the 100th […]

Big guns

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Boy, we had a hell of a show on Saturday night. We took the most firepower I’ve ever used at a show It payed off We had a solid sound for a quarter-mile You could probably hear it much farther away than that It was certainly the fullest sound I’ve heard outside of a big […]

What a Christmas present

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It’s funny how news can so spoil a Christmas that would have otherwise been good. Take for example, but not exclusively, the mad cow scare. It shouldn’t matter. But it does. It’s such a small facet of what is important. Or is it? Sometimes things send your world reeling that shouldn’t. Eat beef. Keep your […]

Black Wednesday

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I hope you weren’t long on cattle futures on the Merc. It’s time had come. The confirmation of a single case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the state of Washington has sent the industry reeling. Why? Much ado about nothing, I think. The ignorant will tell you that you should stop eating beef. Those in […]