New shows section

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We had a great show at Bobby T’s on Friday. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to the broadcast. Thanks to Ty and Rob, our friends from San Francisco, who called in with credit cards to buy us rounds of drinks from several states away. Thus ends the three-day weekend of relaxation. Today […]

Flash is bad, m'kay

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Flash is a very bad way to build websites. It’s not only about SEO. It’s about usability. For the same reasons that mature developers don’t use “fly-out” or “drop-down” menus, you shouldn’t use Flash because it requires you to do one of two things. You can either alienate the growing minority of users using alternative […]

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I do my best to read as much news as I can, sharing the important bits so that the stories appear in the now-right-hand column here on the website. Over the last 24 hours, the big news was the launch of, a new search engine that many posited would soon be nipping at the […]

Twitter stalking

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So, in an effort to try to make Twitter yet even more useful, I added everyone in Manhattan to my “following” list. I found this link on one of their tweets. It’s a Photoshop thread and is quite good.

Windows and email

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Recently, I was astounded at the amount of anti-Vista sentiment at the National Auctioneers Association convention. Vista isn’t evil. It’s a much more secure operating system than XP and I rest easier at night knowing that most of my users are using Vista instead of XP. I have a bunch of complaints with Windows in […]

NAA forum Q&A

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I was playing around on the NAA forum, a great member benefit for auctioneers, and I realized that what I was writing was applicable to just about anyone, not just auctioneers. Here you are, for whatever it may be worth to you. I’ve been using Linux on the desktop for the last two years. It’s […]

Happy Darwin Year

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Happy Darwin Year…150 years ago (on 1 July) the theory of Natural Selection, which has held through to this day with all its modifications and improvements as any good theory does, was first presented. Newsweek ran an article comparing Lincoln to Darwin recently, claiming that because both men were born on the same day, […]


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We had a great day today. Seven students enrolled in the Auction Technology Specialist course put on by the NAA. Some were old friends, some are now new. I’m looking forward to the next three days. I just ate with John and Sara Grahm. It was the first time I’ve met my newest first cousin […]


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The new downloads section is finally online. We’ll post bootlegs, videos, and other cool things there.


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I just finished completely deleting the entire website and installing the new version of PHP-NUKE, version 7.0. It’s been rough, but I think I’m close to being done. The only thing I have left to do is re-install the pictures module and tweak the newsletter module. The forums have been re-designed to be easier to […]