Stats come back up

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After two months of declining web hits, probably due to my lack of writing often, we’re coming back up. With the new band members, bigger future bookings and the new band log, we should see some major increases in traffic. Shouldn’t take long to surpass the August and September statistics.

All the Blue Light reflections that color my mind when I sleep

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I’ve been listening to Wade Bowen and West 84’s live CD. It’s so good. This ain’t no dancehall band. I’ve also been working on some new songs and the website. We’ve finally got the color scheme a little less pastel. The merchandise section is now integrated into our site. We finally have bios for Jim […]

Cold Beer Boys

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Gumby’s rocked balls. Fantastic show. Great feeling coming off Judge’s. Thanks to the Cold Beer Boys for the show and Chris Deines for making a special trip from Topeka to run our sound board. The Cold Beer Boys were great. They were even better than I thought they would be. Thanks to everyone who made […]


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I watched in awe tonight as Trevor told one of the Stragglers tonight on the phone that they should buy my CD and from where it was available. Pete was gambling with Jason and the Stragglers in KC tonight and they were calling Burgess every five minutes. It was a site to see. All this […]

Site fluctuations

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I guess this is the final version of the log. The news modules were never really used much on the front page. News can be put up manually with the bio and the remainder of the front page. After advice from Rob, it seems I will not be using Blogger’s service. I was a member […]

New Website Fixes and Additions

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Finally, the colors problem has been fixed. The forum is now integrated seamlessly into the site. The old journals module has been discontinued in favor of a Blogger powered journal that will make it even easier for Aaron to post entries.

Hear Aaron on internet radio!

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Aaron has recently been asked by Purple Wave Auction Co. to have some of his music played on the new, up and coming Purple Wave Radio internet radio station. Look for more details to be posted soon.

New Website Activities

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A brand new image gallery has been created and is available by clicking “Pictures” on the left hand side. Comments can be left for nearly all articles, surveys, reviews, links, and downloads. Everyone can have their own forum for expression by clicking on the “Member Mayhem” link on the left side. If you hear a […]