Hairy black holes

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Stephen Hawking has recanted his prior belief that black holes have no hair. That is, all the information that is preserved when something crosses the event horizon is mass, spin, and charge. Now he says that it is perhaps possible to know a little more history than that when the black hole evaporates. He lost […]

A B.Y.O.B. Juice Bar

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Sitting here at Deiney’s in Topeka Last night was expensive Slowly becoming coherent Watched DareDevil this morning on Deines’s home theater Dumbest show I’ve seen in a while, as expected I’ll watch anything with Jennifer Garner. Chillin’ this weekend with not only Mason but Michael Scott. I haven’t seen him in about four years. Good […]


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I’m sitting here at soundman Chris Deines’s apartment in Topeka. I’m getting ready for another long day of the Kansas Auctioneer’s Convention in Kansas City at the Mariott. I had high hopes of making it to Tonganoxie to Trevor’s show tonight, but after getting out of KC at 10:00pm, I just didn’t have it in […]

Create the catalyst

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Just finished the auction. 8:30. We need more merchandise. Just booked a show at Busters. Rick gave me hell about the hidden track on my CD…He doesn’t like the dead time between I Drink Alone and the last song…his CD changer won’t skip and keep music rolling. I guess he gets a special edition. I […]

Long Live Mr. Rogers

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Guest post from Chris Deines. Well, Mister Fred Rogers died Thursday at the age of 74. This beloved man unfortunately died of stomach cancer in his Pittsburg home. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Mr. Rogers was one of my favorite shows as a kid. He was a much better neighbor than […]

14 February – Trevor Burgess Live at Aggie Station

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What better way to spend Black Fridee than getting your socks rocked off in Aggieville with Trevor Burgess at Aggie Station. If you haven’t bought his CD, you’d better. If you haven’t heard him, you’re missing out. Deines is driving from Topeka to make the show. Wherever you are, whatever you were planning on doing, […]