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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Hairy black holes

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Stephen Hawking has recanted his prior belief that black holes have no hair. That is, all the information that is preserved when something crosses the event horizon is mass, spin, and charge. Now he says that it is perhaps possible to know a little more history than that when the black hole evaporates. He lost a long standing bet. I guess that’s why science isn’t a system of beliefs.

Deines called the other night
Wanted to know when the Aaron Traffas Show on Ice is coming to Topeka
I mentioned something about an ex-girlfriend

Going to meet up with Burgess after the auction tonight
Going to go piss off Wade Bowen’s fans
Bitch at them for being there instead of at the open mic
Of course, where will we be?

Heading to Oklahoma City tomorrow night
Steve’s [Red] Rooster is one of the top 5 venues at which I’ve played
Then on to Texas to Grumps

Still haven’t heard back from the Barber County courthouse
Supposed to be there for jury duty on Monday
Wonder if I can vote guilty in absentia
They probably frown on that

McClure fired Pyeatt
Players like that don’t come along every day
Sometimes it’s good to sacrifice the money for the sound
Pyeatt was a hell of a nice guy

Vote for Anybody But Brownback

You’ll hear from me.