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I didn’t kick anything. Had an absolutely magnificant weekend Two of the funnest shows ever Friday a surprise song swap with Trevor in Hays Fun…our first song swap The die-hard red dirt fans didn’t hurt, either Thanks for the after hours, fellas…I think Saturday the first full band show at Busters Jim had a funeral […]

All the Blue Light reflections that color my mind when I sleep

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I’ve been listening to Wade Bowen and West 84’s live CD. It’s so good. This ain’t no dancehall band. I’ve also been working on some new songs and the website. We’ve finally got the color scheme a little less pastel. The merchandise section is now integrated into our site. We finally have bios for Jim […]

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I guess the cat’s out of the bag. If you play guitar or drums, or know someone who does, please get in touch with us. Johnny’s a great drummer and we are saddened that he has requested to play fewer shows. We’ll keep rolling, though, so any help to find someone would be appreciated. Also, […]


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Thanks to all our friends, new and old, who came to see us on Saturday at Buster’s. Crowd was rather thin at first, but come 9:30 the fun begun. It seems as if I’m going to have to miss band practice on Friday night…for a show. For those of you who got the email, this […]

Good things come in strange packages…

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I just got off the phone with Susan Marchman…that’s right…ever heard of Houston Marchman? She called to tell me my CD order didn’t go through. Seemed pretty damn cool…it was nice to say I had heard in Kansas that Houston’s show last night went very well…kind of impressed her. They’re going to send the CDs […]