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I didn’t kick anything.

Had an absolutely magnificant weekend
Two of the funnest shows ever
Friday a surprise song swap with Trevor in Hays
Fun…our first song swap
The die-hard red dirt fans didn’t hurt, either
Thanks for the after hours, fellas…I think

Saturday the first full band show at Busters
Jim had a funeral so Jason Cunningham filled in on bass. I haven’t played with him in about four years. He became even better than he was back then. We were a little too loud in the beginning, I think. The drums were a little too much for the room. Johnny did a tremendous job with the brushes and keeping the volume low. Even so, I don’t think I’ll be taking a band back again. Buster’s is just not an environment for a band. It was a fun experiment, though. My father very rarely comments on my musical endevors. Even more rare are compliments from him. He said it was the best sounding show he’s ever heard from me. That felt good.

My throat, on the other hand was blown out Friday night
Saturday before the show was dismal
I can’t believe it happened, but I felt pretty solid vocally during the show
Alternating shots of lemon juice with the glasses of water
“Lemon juice is a bandaid” and all that
Having a hard time making noise at all today
It was worth it

One more thing:
I never thought I’d ever see a 60 year old guy requesting Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette, at one of my shows, and smoking pot in the parking lot. I saw it. Weird.