Back to the trenches

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I’m sick of this melancholy news section Everything I post seems to fit Why do professionals have to be so dischordant Buck at PJ’s says they’ll book solo shows I’m going to talk to Brian about putting Blaine and me in there “I love this song” –someone in the next room listening to Chris LeDoux’s […]


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I give McClure a lot of shit about him being rather harsh in his rambles. I logged on to his site again today, for the 9th time, and he’s posted something other than random derogatory comments…this one is worth reading…and makes me believe that there’s good in McClure yet. I saw an old friend tonight […]

Back on Scotch

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Damn. Shotz sucks. Longhorns told Barry that they left their Texas country at home. We promptly left. I’m glad they put that couple out on their brand new dance floor. I understand why they changed, but I don’t think it’s going to work for them…Matt Church is a good guy, but Longhorn’s notoriety came frome […]