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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Back to the trenches

| Posted on in life, music

I’m sick of this melancholy news section
Everything I post seems to fit
Why do professionals have to be so dischordant
Buck at PJ’s says they’ll book solo shows
I’m going to talk to Brian about putting Blaine and me in there

“I love this song” –someone in the next room listening to Chris LeDoux’s County Fair

I called Rick today to work on getting back to Buster’s
He wasn’t there
I’m going to start going back for free on Friday nights if he’ll let me
It’s all about the music

There’s nothing like hearing a room full of people singing along to Chris LeDoux’s Look at You Girl

Sometimes I forget about quality songwriting and focus on the genre exclusively
Those were our cattle
Send me your requests

My sister’s coming up tomorrow
Going to show her the Manhattan music scene

“Roll me away”
“Where’d you park your horse?”
Nothing like a house party

Thanks to Rob for the kick in the pants
I’m writing again

We’ll see what happens

As Mike would say, try to smile today