Open mic nights

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Aparantly, an open mic in Sun City means that everyone can plug in and play along with anyone else. Listen here, Buster. It’s hard enough for professionals to play along with me. How the hell can someone with experience in strictly old country, folk, and bluegrass (the adjective operates here on all three nouns) play […]

Site fluctuations

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I guess this is the final version of the log. The news modules were never really used much on the front page. News can be put up manually with the bio and the remainder of the front page. After advice from Rob, it seems I will not be using Blogger’s service. I was a member […]

11 March Auction / Open Mic

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I think I still have something. After failing badly on Saturday opening for Trevor, I came out and tore up Guitar Town and nailed the brand new third verse to 200 Miles Away. I also had a request for, believe it or not, Doldrums tonight. I never thought that would happen. All this happened after […]

6 February 2003 – Bobby T’s Open Mic

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I’m sorry to anyone who thought I was going to Gumby’s as intermittently advertised. I went to Bobby T’s due to Jed’s and Chrisi’s insistence. I almost miss the days that I was assigned five songs and could only perform those and was forced to get off stage. Tonight I played 17 songs. Half of […]