We were recognized

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1 of 7 Got back from Salina last night At 10:00am this morning The lady at the Solomon station looked at me funny I bought a diet Coke and an extra large Snickers Pay attention to the convention Vote for Lee Jones for the Senate. Actually, I really don’t care…just don’t vote for Brownback.

Hairy black holes

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Stephen Hawking has recanted his prior belief that black holes have no hair. That is, all the information that is preserved when something crosses the event horizon is mass, spin, and charge. Now he says that it is perhaps possible to know a little more history than that when the black hole evaporates. He lost […]

I don’t know why I asked for a menu

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I bounced over to Hays last night On a whim Blaine Younger and Mike Kisner played Route 40 I think we all had too good a time I got up and played a few I’d already had too much Trying to get myself to play was like trying to herd an old, blind cow through […]