Comfort Zone

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Been awfully sick this week What I get for not sleeping last weekend Played a house party on Sunday night “When somebody calls I just answer the phone / and vacate the comfort zone” Auction tonight The Page tomorrow night Buster’s with a full band on Saturdee Hope I kick the bug in time You’ll […]

I might go crazy

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I gave my sister my camera and told her to take pictures of our show last night. She came up to me about two hours in and told me the batteries were dead. I figured I didn’t get them charged well enough and gave her some alkaline batteries to use. I found out after the […]

Jared Pete Gile Band

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Holy cow, folks…these guys are solid. Great show tonight at Bobby T’s. Guess who showed up. Blaine Younger. I haven’t seen him in quite a while. Fantastic singer/songwriter. I’ll open for him any day. It just might happen. Look for something soon. Thanks for buying the big beers for me. Tyler too. Biggest show in […]

Those weren’t even my curtains

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“Dude…all those people have been in my house.” – Mike Kisner, describing the expected crowd at the Page “She wasn’t no firecracker…she had a figure on her.” – Levi Traffas, describing a recent conquest “They weren’t even my curtains.” – Levi Traffas, …….

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Well we’ve come a long ways in three weeks. Three weeks ago, I’d never heard of Doc Nelson or Michael Kisner. Two weeks ago, they had both been given 60 songs to learn in less than a week. A week ago, we had played an absolutely incredible show at Big Dogg’s in Junction City, KS, […]

Pearl Grey

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McKee just made my day. He came to our show last night in JC. We’re sitting in our neighboring offices here at Chivalrous Productions headquarters. I’m playing (what else?) the Great Divide on my computer. He heard it and asked, “is this you, Aaron?” Of course it isn’t, but the moral of the story is […]

You better be there, Buster!

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I’m excited to go back to Buster’s tomorrow night. It’ll be my first solo acoustic show in months and I’m planning on breaking out some old favorites as well as some new stuff. It won’t be your average setlist, that’s for sure. It’s looking like we’ll be back to Junction City on the first Saturday […]


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We had a good show last night at Gumby’s. I was pleased with the turn-out, considering the blistering cold and the fact that it was the middle of Christmas break. I got to see many people I haven’t seen for years. Good times had by all. We just booked the Page in Hays and will […]