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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Jared Pete Gile Band

| Posted on in music

Holy cow, folks…these guys are solid. Great show tonight at Bobby T’s.

Guess who showed up. Blaine Younger. I haven’t seen him in quite a while. Fantastic singer/songwriter. I’ll open for him any day. It just might happen. Look for something soon. Thanks for buying the big beers for me. Tyler too.

Biggest show in the world tomorrow night at The Page. Good stuff going on. We’ve actually practiced for this one. Some of us have, anyway. You will not be disappointed. Come out and join 1000 of your closest, soon to be friends at what will be the hoppingest place in Western Kansas. Word.

Learn Tilton thought I was Jason Boland last night.

Peace comes from yeast.

Go to www.reddirtscene.com for a good time. While you’re at it, check Arturo got the Shaft for a good Blog.

I miss Julie.

Looking forward to seeing my new, and especially old, friends at The Page tomorrow night. G’night.