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I’m sitting in the Phoggy Dog in Lawrence listening to my friend Blaine Younger play. I’m beginning to realize that Blaine and I have very different approaches to playing. Blaine has fun. You can see it in his performance and the kind of songs he plays. The crowd responds well. I have fun by not […]

On a Thursdee at Longhorns

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Maddy and I are sitting here, alternating single-scotch with the bottles of beer, watching this girl digging Russell Lovenstein. We’re playing the Goat Bash on Saturday with a ton of beer and friends. Sunday at Bobby T’s. Here’s Lucas to see how he does with a Treo log… Maddy here now…thinking that the goat bash […]


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Still alive Barely Seven shows in six days Don’t want to think about fuel consumption Two blown tires while doing 70mph More than 1000 miles in all Never had so much fun Thanks to Dusty Feighner for tagging along Made the road a little less hostile He’s going to open for us in September in […]

I don’t know why I asked for a menu

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I bounced over to Hays last night On a whim Blaine Younger and Mike Kisner played Route 40 I think we all had too good a time I got up and played a few I’d already had too much Trying to get myself to play was like trying to herd an old, blind cow through […]

Zero crossing

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Pour me a lobotomy at the zero crossing. I just had a shitty weekend. I managed to spend $100 while making $70. Perhaps I’ll tell explain it sometime. I did get to hang out with my old band in Kansas City. They’re playing for Blaine Younger now. Trevor and I played in Tonganoxie at Helen’s […]

Jared Pete Gile Band

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Holy cow, folks…these guys are solid. Great show tonight at Bobby T’s. Guess who showed up. Blaine Younger. I haven’t seen him in quite a while. Fantastic singer/songwriter. I’ll open for him any day. It just might happen. Look for something soon. Thanks for buying the big beers for me. Tyler too. Biggest show in […]

What am I going to do…take the blame?

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Greetings from lovely Bellefont, KS. My little vacation from the dull drudgery of workaday tidal waves should include some songwriting, soul-searching, and plotting, not to mention some good old fashioned farmer-engineering. Had an interesting show Saturday night. While I think it went well, there were few people there. This was due to, I believe, advertising […]