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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

On a Thursdee at Longhorns

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Maddy and I are sitting here, alternating single-scotch with the bottles of beer, watching this girl digging Russell Lovenstein. We’re playing the Goat Bash on Saturday with a ton of beer and friends. Sunday at Bobby T’s. Here’s Lucas to see how he does with a Treo log…

Maddy here now…thinking that the goat bash and sixteen kegs of beer may have legitimate claim as a ton of beer…research to follow…

20 minutes later…

2560 lbs of beer. That’s assuming a 160 lbs keg..they range from 155 to 165, so light beer, which contains less alcohol, which weighs less than water, actually has more water..so light beer is heavier…who would have thought.

10 minutes later…

Aaron now. We just had a discussion about beer, its alcohol and sugar and what makes light beer light. We decided we don’t know, but that 16 kegs is a metric-fuck-ton of beer

Lucas: So we agreed to jointly blow it out our ass.

Aaron: My foot is asleep

Lucas:and my beer is warm.