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Brian spent the day with me last Friday and was excited to help get soybean seed. I’m loving the new planter. I did 350 acres in the last two days. I’m seeing the 16-row at somewhere around 35 or 40% faster than the 12-row. I did have some delays due to a cracked frame and […]

Not quite yet

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“What do you want me to do?” she asked. It was May 29 and Diane and I were debating two urgent issues. Would we let Nolan play baseball in the season that was about to start and would we attend my niece’s first communion that weekend? I’ve been furious at Kansas for opening up like […]

Callan Traffas

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Callan Traffas was born last night shortly after 8 p.m. at Pratt Regional Medical Center in Pratt, Kan. Both he and Diane are doing quite well today. Unlike his brother Nolan, Callan did not arrive by cesarean. He weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. I guess I got a couple days’ break […]

Magazine is broken iPad

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Big thanks to Eric Williams for pointing me to this video. I don’t completely accept the premise, but its interesting to think that my son may never have a print subscription of any kind.

Dad life

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I’m not sure that I fit the stereotype portrayed here just yet, but I’m noticing some disturbing trends. Thanks to Luke VanSkike for pointing me at this video.

Proof of life

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As promised, here are the sonogram images and video of our son. Thanks to everyone who assumed that our announcement was an April Fools’ scheme – you made our day!