Can you stalk me now?

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What would you do if a hundred dorks showed up while you were on the phone? Verizon Wireless Surprises Customer – Watch more

Science comedy

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I caught this link over on the Bad Astronomy blog. [youtube][/youtube]

New comments system

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I’m finally installing the Disqus comments system on the site tonight, and it may be a a short while before the comments are processed and put back. Don’t worry, I didn’t delete anything. I’m winding down after a long auction tonight and one hell of a past few months. Developer sprints are tough when you’re […]

Inauguration mixes hope with non-fiction

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Today marks the turning of a new chapter in American history and American politics. It is a chapter that will find Americans proud again. We will remember what it is like to be respected in the world. We will remember what it is like to feel safe and secure once more. We will understand that […]

Caterpillar loader tricks

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Aaron Traffas goes to Washington

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I had a great week. Last Sunday, I left for Baltimore, Maryland, with my friend Robert Mayo to teach another of the Auction Technology Specialist courses offered by the National Auctioneers Association. Monday night we went to the the Pier in Annapolis and ate oysters at a place called McGarvey’s Saloon. While the area of […]

Vote for science, vote for Barack Obama

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Politics is my Olympics. It’s like a Super Bowl in which we can all participate. I don’t follow sports very well, but I look forward to the circus that happens in this country once every couple years. This year’s final act has been a roller coaster ride. Today is a special day. It’s a day […]

Years go by

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I’m still a skeptic, liberal, songwriter, geek, farmer, musician, and auctioneer. I’m just a little older. I turned 28 on September 25. Thanks for the cake. I had a ton of cake on September 25. Purple Wave Auction started September 25, 2000, at Longhorns Saloon in Aggieville selling a sporting goods auction. I started working […]

Debate night

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I had a hell of a birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone for the Facebook comments. We had a Wii party at our cabin last night until 2 a.m. Needless to say, I’ve had better days than today. We’re slowly gathering around the 56″ view into Ole Miss for tonight’s debate that nearly wasn’t. I’m glad […]