Manhattan tornado

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I’m in Sharon playing mechanic. I can’t get enough of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast. I’d love to see the Skeptologists TV series come to fruition. Did you think Ben Stein was smart like I did? Do you dislike the gag reflex? You can find some solace here. I wish I could […]

Mountain view too

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It looks like I got credit for G’s post both in Facebook and on Twitter. Perhaps Rob’s right. Perhaps Twitter sucks. I figure it’s a very limited time until someone like Paris Hilton starts using it, causing everyone with less than half a brain to follow her, bringing Twitter to it’s poorly-designed knees. Get it […]

Twitter updates for 2008-05-18

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missing the real world where church and school are mutually exclusive. # Congrats to Diane and Erica! # I’m going to be sick. # Some salutatorian just biffed a Latin translation’s meaning when he tried to convert the crowd at graduation. # At sister Erica’s graduation. Dad doesn’t like the twitters…something about ‘twitterpated’. #

Softball and graduation

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19-8 was the score in tonight’s softball game. It was a late game, but the first we played with a full compliment of girls. We were able to perform much better with the ability to field ten players instead of eight and not and to bat an entire lineup without taking an automatic out. My […]

Twitter updates for 2008-05-12

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Nursing my softball wounds. This game was 16-1 after four innings, better than our 33-4 after three loss last game. Two doubles this, vs … #

Twitter updates for 2008-05-11

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just lost $10 at pool to Clay and Kyle after losing $50 at the casino. I hope the night gets better. #

Twitter updates for 2008-05-10

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racing down I29 from Omaha to KC to meet up with the batchelor party at the casino. # headed for Omaha…somewhere in middle America…couldn’t resist. # Andrew just got a wet willie and didn’t move….good batchelor preparty. #

Twitter updates for 2008-05-09

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Finishing up work. Getting ready to clean out my truck so I can sell it. 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel in the May 29 auction. Bid on Monday! # Jonesing for some Counter Strike: Source…server’s fixed now, fsck you very much. #