Beans, beans, beans

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We sure went from getting-stuck wet to can’t-get-the-drill-in dry in a very short time. Finished wheat harvest on Friday. The combine was a champion this year… couple belts and hoses but no major problems…ran last 30 hours without a care in the world. The drill had a bushing freeze up on a row unit Saturday […]


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It’s been nearly three months since my father left me with the farm. It was precisely one year ago today when he saw my newborn son in the hospital. While we were watching Nolan get passed from family member to family member in the birthing suite, he told me, “You have achieved immortality.” I thought about that […]

Canola 2011

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Here’s a demonstration video created for the ATS class in Orlando showing some footage from canola cutting in Kansas during June.

Why did the turkey cross the road?

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To hit my Ranger. I had a run in with a ditch turkey yesterday. This is what happens when a fat bird jumps out of the ditch. Tip of the (feathered) hat to my friend Robert Mayo for the Angry Birds shtick on which I’ve been riffing for the last 24 hours.

DTV Shredder

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One of the suckiest parts of fence-fixing is getting on and off the ATV. I saw this new…thing on and think it would be the awesomest thing to use fixing fence. It’s not likely the most comfortable riding experience over long distances, but pulling a trailer alongside you would be a pretty slick use. […]

Rain delay

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“I’ll be in my basement room With my needle and my spoon And some other girl to try and ease my pain away” Paraphrased slightly from “Dead Flowers”, Jagger/Richards It’s been in my head all day. I’ve been telling myself for the last six months that I’m going to learn that damn song. I still […]