Moto X review

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The Moto X is the smartest of smartphones currently available. It’s got decent hardware and a software experience that is as good as you’ll find today on Verizon. Check out my full review at AuctioneerTech.

Kyocera Brigadier with Sapphire Shield display

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Verizon recently let me spend a couple weeks with the Kyocera Brigadier. A Verizon exclusive, the Brigadier has been available for a little over a month now for $399 or $99 after rebate with a two-year commitment. It’s a very different phone from what I’m used to, so it was fun to put it through the paces […]

Should it really be that hard

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Should it really take an educated man 7 minutes to figure out how to get sound to come from a TV? We have such an advanced entertainment system at my house that it took me that long to ascertain which remote control to use, learn that the volume on the TV was “fixed”, find a […]