Aaron Traffas goes to Washington

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I had a great week. Last Sunday, I left for Baltimore, Maryland, with my friend Robert Mayo to teach another of the Auction Technology Specialist courses offered by the National Auctioneers Association. Monday night we went to the the Pier in Annapolis and ate oysters at a place called McGarvey’s Saloon. While the area of […]

Fetch, piggy

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While it’s good to finally win a few, there were some disappointing losses last night. California’s Proposition 8 will most likely pass, along with other similar measures that passed in Florida and Arizona, that will negate and prevent the state-sanctioned monogamy of many Americans. Al Franken will probably still lose in Minnesota after his recount. […]

Vote for science, vote for Barack Obama

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Politics is my Olympics. It’s like a Super Bowl in which we can all participate. I don’t follow sports very well, but I look forward to the circus that happens in this country once every couple years. This year’s final act has been a roller coaster ride. Today is a special day. It’s a day […]

Vote for vaccinations

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First, this is what will happen if you don’t vote for Barak Obama and instead either don’t vote or vote for John McBush and Bible Spice. Second, this clip shows some mainstream media finally acknowledging some of their own ignorance in their wrongly-alleged vaccination-autism link. I love how that little pansy Lauer gets his misinformed […]

Red state choices

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I guess that the benefit of living in a red township of a red county in a red state is that you don’t have to worry about choices. I want to be clear that I don’t necessarily have anything against those candidates listed in the image here outside of simple party affiliation. I’m just bemoaning […]

Tubby's tonight, Palin as President

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Maddy and I are playing at Tubby’s in Aggieville tonight at 6 p.m. Come out and get some food and have a good time with us (read: keep us company). If you can’t make it, here’s a nugget for you: http://www.palinaspresident.us


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I’m sitting in the Phoggy Dog in Lawrence listening to my friend Blaine Younger play. I’m beginning to realize that Blaine and I have very different approaches to playing. Blaine has fun. You can see it in his performance and the kind of songs he plays. The crowd responds well. I have fun by not […]

Palin doesn't meet expectations

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  Palin’s performance in the debates last night was unremarkable. That’s unfortunate, because I was hoping to write this post with more of a see, I told you so attitude, which is always more fun than trying to argue a point. Everyone expected Palin to get crushed, and she simply didn’t.   Palin did make […]

Debate night

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I had a hell of a birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone for the Facebook comments. We had a Wii party at our cabin last night until 2 a.m. Needless to say, I’ve had better days than today. We’re slowly gathering around the 56″ view into Ole Miss for tonight’s debate that nearly wasn’t. I’m glad […]

Chrome Palin

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Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, ignorant bastard. I listen to him when I leave work during the day in my car and forget to grab my Zune. It’s better than more entertaining than music, and in the doldrums of the day between Morning Edition and All Things Considered, it’s about the only thing without […]