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We had a great show at Bobby T’s on Friday. Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in to the broadcast. Thanks to Ty and Rob, our friends from San Francisco, who called in with credit cards to buy us rounds of drinks from several states away. Thus ends the three-day weekend of relaxation. Today […]

Happy Darwin Year

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Happy Darwin Year…150 years ago (on 1 July) the theory of Natural Selection, which has held through to this day with all its modifications and improvements as any good theory does, was first presented. Newsweek ran an article comparing Lincoln to Darwin recently, claiming that because both men were born on the same day, […]

Manhattan tornado

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I’m in Sharon playing mechanic. I can’t get enough of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast. I’d love to see the Skeptologists TV series come to fruition. Did you think Ben Stein was smart like I did? Do you dislike the gag reflex? You can find some solace here. ¬† I wish I could […]

Archipelago video

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From Bobby T’s in Manhattan, Kansas, on 29 March, 2008, this video of Aaron Traffas Band playing Archipelago features Aaron Traffas, Mason Powell, Chris Goering and Lucas Maddy. [youtube][/youtube] For more YouTube goodness, view this gem. Rob told me about it the other day. It’s for all you asshole racists out there. This shows how […]

Tuesday drive

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Now that Moses is dead, can we finally repeal the second commandment? I wrote this on Tuesday. Going to Kansas City this morning to work on stuff for the NAA. I spent a ton of time working on the new auction technology specialist course, only to ave the majority of my changes not included in […]

John Edwards

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My guy threw in the towel while he still had a ghost to give. I can’t decide now who to officially hope for. I honestly think that Obama has eight great years as president some day and if the next eight years are his, he will do an enormous amount of good for this country. […]


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We had our big family reunion last weekend. Diane blogged about it over on so I don’t have to delve into it here, except to say that my family is slightly more dysfunctional than I previously realized. The kids dug my ‘copter, though, so I felt cool. New Year’s was fun. We had the […]

Edwards – Obama

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Oh, how I love election years. It’s like my World Cup if I were a soccer fan, or a World Series that only comes along once every couple years. This is the best yet, with both teams getting in fights like a hockey game. Kerry knocked Bush’s helmet off the other day. Then Andy Card […]