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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

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  • New post | Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08 | http://traff.as/rF #
  • @dN0t IMAX at 21st and Tyler #
  • Vaccines and infant mortality rates: A false relationship promoted by the anti-vaccine movement http://bit.ly/meQVpk #
  • Sick of being sick. #
  • Kansas Public Radio let me down with their story on chiropractic (crap) and CAM this morning. #nofacts #woo #antiscience #onesided #wrong #
  • A letter to KMUW – http://t.co/qsPRydR #
  • Hey @unifiedscene – you can take "The Weekenders" and shove it. I haven't slept for three nights straight and that song is all I think about #
  • Boxee Outs The Boxee Box 1.1 Firmware, Revamped Browser And New On-Screen Controls Highlight The Update http://bit.ly/kHDwdZ #
  • Blues Traveler – Run Around http://ff.im/-Dak9S #
  • @dN0t you watching the Yankees down at home to KC in 10th? #
  • Thanks! RT @craigmstensaas @traffas and @LucasMaddy Sounded great at Pat's last night! A good time was had by all!! #
  • RT @kmtraffas Loving tonight. Yankees are getting killed by the Royals. #
  • Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under The Sordid Bus http://bit.ly/ihJRn8 #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: The Hold Steady (65), Two Cow Garage (28) & Lucero (19) http://bit.ly/9P1d2t #
  • I'm at Fred Bramlage Coliseum (1800 College Ave, Kansas State University, Manhattan) w/ 8 others http://4sq.com/kYS5yd #
  • So refreshing to hear a music major sing the national anthem – that's how the words are supposed to be pronounced. #pride #ksu #graduation #
  • Holly @hvanskike graduates! http://yfrog.com/h2rm7lcj #
  • True. RT @dN0t Don't know why, but Palin's jackassery incenses me while Trump's jackassery delights me. #
  • Steve Novella and Banachek on Power Balance bracelets http://bit.ly/lZu6a7 #

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A letter to KMUW

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This letter was originally published to SkeptiKan.

I’ve never been more disappointed (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in KMUW) in KMUW than I was with this morning’s story on chiropractic and CAM. The story was one-sided and, quite frankly, misleading.

From the story:
“I don’t think it is really in dispute at this point among informed scientist and informed policy makers that [chiropractic] is clinically effective. I would say that it’s proven, and they use the term proven.”

This statement couldn’t be more wrong. Skeptics and those of us in favor of science-based medicine have been trying to fight this kind of propaganda and this story doesn’t help. It’s obvious that no reputable medical experts were contacted for this story. CAM by definition is not medicine. If a practice is scientifically-proven, it becomes accepted medical practice. If it’s unproven or proven not to work (like chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, reflexology, bloodletting, etc.) it’s not medicine. Calling it alternative medicine represents a false dichotomy.

I can understand KMUW wishing to report on how the new laws will affect these charlatans, and that’s the kind of reporting I want to hear. However, the part of the story that actually lent credence to their tricks was appalling.

I’ve been a huge supporter and advocate for NPR and KMUW for my entire adult life, because of the science and reason that generally serves to back the reporting. I simply can’t describe how hurt and let down I feel about hearing such an anti-science story from a station I love so much.

Aaron Traffas

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

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  • RT @marisa_KSU: @traffas Lucas's music is on iTunes! EXCITEMENT!! #
  • @dN0t We should get the President in a few minutes that will hopefully trump at least one of those feeds. #
  • @jivetownjimmy That or Bin Laden is dead. #
  • Yeeha, Jester's dead! #topgun #osamabinladen #
  • Some board-op at the Topeka CBS affiliate keeps pushing the commercial button and then toggling back to #binladen coverage. #fired #
  • Just opened my first bottle of Cardhu…worth it for tonight. #
  • And fail whale in 5….4…..3…..2….. #
  • Press conference finally getting ready to start – glad they took their time to get it right….hopefully. #
  • Bamf. It's been a while since I've been this proud of our president…here's hoping for a 10 point bump. #
  • @dN0t Hear there are firefighters marching to Ground Zero. Wish I were with you tonight. #
  • The trouble with Dr. Oz http://bit.ly/lpDTSZ #
  • “Motivated reasoning,” alternative medicine, and the anti-vaccine movement http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=12092 #
  • 18 hours in with the new version of Ubuntu and I'm digging the Unity interface. Best hardware compatibility yet – no mods for wifi required. #
  • @dN0t I'm still a believer in the full install upgrade method, so that might have something to do with it. #
  • @dN0t I suppose it's not required, but it feels nice to know there aren't any borked configuration attempts still lying around from the past #
  • @dN0t In-place upgrade of my Ubuntu server went smoothly. #
  • @dN0t I also dual boot Windows 7 for Steam, so I guess I'm always a little afraid it's going to do something to Grub that will break Windows #
  • loved Search and Backup Tools for Twitter and Facebook GeekBeat.TV on Boxee http://bit.ly/ilWwvg #
  • Getting used to giving up Docky on the bottom of the screen in favor of the Unity dock on the left is going to take a while. #
  • P050111PS-0210 [pic] http://ff.im/-CuFsc #
  • The Death of Osama bin Laden Roundup http://bit.ly/kWcb3g #
  • @dN0t They didn't get wrapped up into Rackspace Cloud? #
  • Great Divide is “getting the band back together!” http://traff.as/rC #
  • The Hold Steady – Yeah Sapphire http://ff.im/-Cz20q #
  • European Union “Ban” On Herbal Products http://bit.ly/mMlD8f #
  • @dN0t @joshuacjacobs You have to ask? When and where? #
  • @jdschultz @ryplane QR codes always seemed like a kludge, and it felt like they were taking away the importance of a short, memorable domain #
  • @dN0t You down already? Going straight to the BC? #
  • @dN0t Yep. #
  • Two sites in an hour that wrongly detect Opera 11.10 as Opera Mobile and give me a crappy mobile version on my 30" monitor. Nice. #lazydevs #
  • loved Lifehacker Untangle Your Life Lifehacker on Boxee http://bit.ly/fFpFdC #
  • Anyone know why the Firefox <audio> controls suck so much? #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Two Cow Garage (108), The Hold Steady (65) & Lucero (63) http://bit.ly/9P1d2t #
  • In case anyone needs another reason to hate IE, preload="none" breaks the <audio> tag in IE9. #
  • The Hold Steady – First Night http://ff.im/-COjJd #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

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  • New post | Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17 | #
  • 4 Free Conference Calling Services http://bit.ly/e23v6f #
  • loved Republicans Voted to End Medicare: How Will You Pay? on Boxee http://bit.ly/hk7b78 #
  • Does this make sense? Replacement Ford keyless entry fob: $13. Replacement Ford key: $85 #
  • Bidding histories develop buyer trust | AuctioneerTech #greatesthits | http://traff.as/9E #
  • Two tracks in with the 2008 release Stay Positive by The Hold Steady and am getting my mind blown. Why am I always late to the party? #
  • Super excited about tomorrow's show with @AntoneML at @busterssuncity! Ag rock at 8 – live stream if you can't make the show. #
  • @MediaGuyCarl not in Kansas. #
  • Setting up – come on out…show starts at 8 @ Buster's Smokehouse Bar and Grill http://gowal.la/c/45a2T #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

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Proof of life

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As promised, here are the sonogram images and video of our son. Thanks to everyone who assumed that our announcement was an April Fools’ scheme – you made our day!

It’s a boy!

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Diane and I are announcing today that we’re expecting our first child. Our son is due in early September and we couldn’t be more excited. He’ll be the first grandchild on my side of the family and the first male grandchild on Diane’s side.

Last December, I made a blog post about how we had found a place to live in Pratt. A few days later, I wrote a follow-up describing a last-minute change of plans. Without going into the details, this change was due to learning of the pregnancy and needing Diane to keep her job and it’s benefits. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a better health care system in this country?

We had our first sonogram on Wednesday, and and we’ll soon have pictures posted.

Since the wedding is over, we’ll likely reformat Diane’s site at dianetraffas.com to accommodate and chronicle her adventures in being a mother.

Happy April!