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Calm before the storm

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It’s 9:24 (as if you couldn’t tell by the timestamp affixed to this and every post) and I’m sitting here at my house waiting…I’ve got my rig set up at Fat’s and am pacing…this is going to be a wild ride…the bar’s already have full when I left to come back here…I hope Burgess is doing well in Topeka…good times, good times.


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I set my alarm this morning to turn on B104.7 at 8:00. It was the first time I’ve used the radio alarm in about 6 years. Anyway, it woke me and I just about beat the bejesus out of my air hockey table. I have it propped up vertically at the foot of my bed because my roommates are poseurs and we’re cramped for room. I’ve had it there for a few months, but this is the first time I thought when I woke up that it was someone standing there with a malicious intent.

I’m sitting here waiting for Pete’s interview on the radio and they’re playing some bastardized version of Angels Among Us. As if that song wasn’t bad enough to begin with they had to throw news coverage excerpts in it and play it TWO YEARS after the fact.

Poor Pete. Man, this girl interviewing him is nutty. Trevor just called. “How did she get into radio with that voice?” It’s pretty bad. Pete is handling himself damn well, considering he’s got a fruitcake interviewing him. She asked him, “what is your primary instrument, would you say?” I know the point of an interview is to get the interviewee to explain the obvious, but that is a little too horrible for even morning radio. She keeps talking about how cute Pete is…in her kindergarten teacher voice…Pete just played Running Low on Angels…smoked it…and them. Oh my…she just said the music in Texas is “spicy, just like the food.” Jesus. Thank goodness Pete’s kicking ass…


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I give McClure a lot of shit about him being rather harsh in his rambles. I logged on to his site again today, for the 9th time, and he’s posted something other than random derogatory comments…this one is worth reading…and makes me believe that there’s good in McClure yet.

I saw an old friend tonight at Fat’s…Darcy…

Pat Green sold out

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…and so did his concert at Abe and Jake’s in Lawrence. Burgess and I decided we didn’t want to go…then Barry and I decided that we did. Then Burgess said he’d go along. Then Barry found out that we needed a credit card to reserve tickets. He called and they had 50 left. He then left to get his mom’s credit card in Beatte. By the time he got there and called them, they were out of tickets. We decided we’re going to Fat’s and playing Pat Green on the jukebox all night. It’s actually probably going to be more fun than the concert.

Check out RockKansas.com.

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink…when they wake up in the morning, that’s the best they’re going to feel all day.” — Bing Crosby


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I watched in awe tonight as Trevor told one of the Stragglers tonight on the phone that they should buy my CD and from where it was available. Pete was gambling with Jason and the Stragglers in KC tonight and they were calling Burgess every five minutes. It was a site to see. All this after we closed down the FFFA.

What do you think of the new calendar addition? Post a comment, hot shot.

She took it all

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Yes, folks…that’s right….I have no hair left. None to speak of, anyway. Dawn cut all of my hair.

Pete had a good show last night. I didn’t get off the tractor at home until 7:30…had a few things to do including drive 3.5 hours back to Manhattan…didn’t make it to Rusty’s until 12:30. Still, the part of the show that I caught went very well. Thanks, Pete, for the new sticker.

Tonight will be the night off for me until Sunday. Fat’s open mic is tomorrow, Pat Green plays in Lawrence on Wednesday, Jason Boland and No Justice and Pete Gile play at Shotz on Thursday, I’m playing Fat’s with Trevor on Friday, and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.

Well, CE is back so I don’t have to babysit anymore.

Back to work.


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“I’m suprised he doesn’t burn stuff when he walks by.” — Greg Fletchal talking about someone.

Modern day critic

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So I just posted the long-awaited review of Pete’s new CD. It’s in the reviews section. If you don’t have this CD yet, get it.

“I’ve never been very good with praise.” –Captain Kirk, Star Trek Starfleet Academy

Wayne brought me beer just as I was finishing the review. I have so much work to do with Sonar…tracking the last two shows I’ve recorded…I think I’ll just sit here and drink.

I’m headed home tomorrow…promised my friend Dawn that I’d let her do whatever she wanted to do to my hair before she moved to California. Just when it started growing out, I’m going to lose it. Knowing Dawn, I’m going to lose it all. Oh well. I have bandannas and hats.

This isn’t the best time for me to be taking a trip financially, but I have a demolition derby with which to help tomorrow. I’m worried about the Pat Green show in Lawrence on Wednesday…and Boland on Thursday. I have no way of affording either. But I have to go.

“Not working as in not coming to work or not working as in coming to work and not working?” –Wayne Graham asking me (five seconds ago) about my plans during the latter part of next week.