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Site fluctuations

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I guess this is the final version of the log. The news modules were never really used much on the front page. News can be put up manually with the bio and the remainder of the front page. After advice from Rob, it seems I will not be using Blogger’s service. I was a member for less than 24 hours and it was buggier than Kentucky ditch weed.

My scanner sucks…mainly because I’m only giving it 12 volts when it should have 15. You can see the quality in the pictures from last Tuesday’s Fat’s open mic. Liz took the pictures and I thank her for letting me borrow them. Good shots of Barry, Burgess and me.

Well, enough writing while on the clock.

“This is cooking with Kenny…”–Pete, in Stillwater, OK, at 3:00am, while cooking bacon and eggs.

Create the catalyst

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Just finished the auction. 8:30. We need more merchandise.

Just booked a show at Busters. Rick gave me hell about the hidden track on my CD…He doesn’t like the dead time between I Drink Alone and the last song…his CD changer won’t skip and keep music rolling. I guess he gets a special edition.

I can’t believe I’m so damn poor right at the moment…too much music and not enough hours. I’ve never had such a good two weeks. I’ve realized during the past two weeks how good my friends are and how happy I am with this musical path on which we seem to have embarked seriously sometime within the last month. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me decide how serious I want to be with music (a few: Burgess, Barry, Tyler, Jim, Pete, Weedel, Liz, Darcy, Stacie, Greg, Deines, Rob).

Back on Scotch

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Damn. Shotz sucks. Longhorns told Barry that they left their Texas country at home. We promptly left. I’m glad they put that couple out on their brand new dance floor. I understand why they changed, but I don’t think it’s going to work for them…Matt Church is a good guy, but Longhorn’s notoriety came frome being THE country bar in town. Now it’s just another bar in town. Fat’s is now THE BAR in town. God bless Fat’s bar.

So Trevor’s quote for the day: “I want to roll that [person]”…said several times tonight, referring to everything from a DJ to…other guys…

You want to see rambles, check out Mike McClure’s site…crazy son of a bitch…coming back to Manhattan on my birthday. I’ll be there again…hopefully he won’t make fun of me during his set like he did the last time. He’s weird… Bastard. I’m pissed off. Pete’s sticker came off my guitar case. I can’t find it. Pete, if you read this, I’d like another sticker for my Martin case…I’d reinforce it this time with packing tape…for those of you who don’t have your own packing tape guns, you’re missing out. You should buy one…they’re $10 at Office Depot.

This marks the third time in a row that I haven’t talked to Ryan about booking a show at Fat’s. I guess I’m just waiting for the right moment. I’d like to think that.

I’m working on a new song. It’s about the same person I promised myself I’d never write about again. So much for resolutions.

“Every song I sang started with your name” –One of the new lines from the song. Look for it in late September.

New Website Fixes and Additions

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Finally, the colors problem has been fixed. The forum is now integrated seamlessly into the site.

The old journals module has been discontinued in favor of a Blogger powered journal that will make it even easier for Aaron to post entries.

Pictures and music from Victoria 2003-08-30

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New pictures and music have been added from the private party in Victoria. The show was kind of a game of pick-up…in the rain…but was fun, nonetheless.

Recent Website Additions

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7232453_F_storeMerchandise can be found at the new CafePress store. Eventually, this will be completely integrated into the aarontraffas.com site.

New stuff everywhere: New music can be found in the MP3 Downloads section. New photos can be found in the Pictures section. New reviews have been added to the Reviews section.

Echo Lane hits studio to work on their first full length album

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Guest post from Mason Powell

Echo Lane, an alternative rock band based in Lawrence, KS, is heading to the studio to work on their first full length album. The album should consist of around 12 songs, if all of the members don’t perish in the process. We are looking at maybe a winter release as of now, but you know how that always turns out. Be sure and check out the new web site at www.echolaneonline.com.