The first week and Strawman Biden

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It’s been a week. President Biden has already fulfilled a lot of promises, but they’re the lowest hanging fruit.

Cultural inequality

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There’s a Trump 2020 flag near my farm. It went up a couple of weeks ago, somewhere shortly after the president was impeached. I get to see it four times a day when I drive past to and from feeding cattle in the morning and evening. In this part of the country, not-so-lovingly referred to […]

Stronger shade of blue

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I need a stronger shade of blue This one’s served me well before but now washed-out, weak and sickly it doesn’t suit me anymore I need a stronger shade of blue one reminiscent of our past of the legacy and sacrifice that’s now tarnished and collapsed There are monsters at the door and yet we […]

The Mad King

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They said that we should be silent They said that it was their turn They said that only they could fix the mess we made We watched the world burn They started to dismantle They were viciously relentless They culled our liberties. Our institutions under siege, We became feckless They closed their eyes as the […]

Scatter and succumb

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We need to stand together to prevent Americans from suffering as a result of the new administration, but nobody is calling the plays.

Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney

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Joss Whedon is a fantastic director and created the lovable Firefly TV series, among others. It seems he’s come out in support of Willard. It’s definitely worth the 2 minutes. Thanks to both Fro and Naomi for sharing this on the book of faces.

O’Reilly humiliates Palin on FOX

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I caught this on Digg and didn’t believe the headline until I watched it. I never thought I’d say it, but given the choice I think I’d vote for Bill O’Reilly over Sarah Palin. To think how close she actually got to the executive branch makes me cringe.

Citizen journalism

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My friend Carl Carter, over at, wrote yesterday that citizen journalism is a myth. Writing correctly that journalism is hard work, he points out the expense and overhead inherent to the filtering that permeates modern professional journalism. This filtration, he and others reason, is the reason consumers prefer to source their news from professional […]

The case against Fox News is not about censorship

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Newsweek’s Jacob Weisberg published an article on October 17 entitled The O’Garbage Factor: Fox News isn’t just bad. It’s un-American. In the article, he notes how ridiculously biased Fox News has been historically and how recently they’ve somehow managed to become even more so. Fox News has quit covering news in any journalistic sense of […]

Inauguration mixes hope with non-fiction

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Today marks the turning of a new chapter in American history and American politics. It is a chapter that will find Americans proud again. We will remember what it is like to be respected in the world. We will remember what it is like to feel safe and secure once more. We will understand that […]