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Back West

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America lost another important one last Tuesday
You should see my beard
Think I’ll teach journalism
I’m good at auctioneering
Wonder if I could figure out electioneering
I have four years to learn

I’m enjoying my time off from the music business
A voluntary hiatus
Looking forward to getting back in the saddle
Over the course of the next month or two

I’m glad I have a few shows too keep me sharp
You’d be surprised how hard it is
Remembering songs without playing regularly
Especially your songs

Playing the Page tomorrow night
Shout out to Hays, KS
Fill ‘er up

Playing my first morning show in months
Tuesday with Robert Hildreth
Looking forward to that one, too

You’ll hear from me.

Vote you bastards

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Vote, you bastards.


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Too many details…let me sum up.

Had an awesome time last Friday
At the new Goat House
Old friends and new
Had a guy give me the paper with the new Boys verse
The kegs floated
Immediately after I wrapped up my show
And decided to come out and drink with everyone

Saturday Deines and I went to the 4020 show
Yet another good show by the boys from NE

Sorry for the delays between blogs
Day job getting the better of me
I won’t let it last too much longer

Damn butterfly

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Had a great show last night in Lawrence
Nicest crowd ever
That’s what you get when you play to a bunch of Democrats
I think I watched the game as much as the crowd did, though. They bought me a shot because I was wearing my Boston hat. That leaves only about 10 more shots before I have it paid off.


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Headed back home for two days
Round and round on a red dirt farm
Then it’s off to Lawrence for a show
Down at the Harbour
Harbour Lights

Kerry 3
Bush 0
Nothing like watching Kerry put the smack down on a 65″ Toshiba HDTV

Vote, you bastards.

Steam Powered

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I quite possibly have made the worst mistake of my life
I didn’t say “no” to Half Life 2

For those of you who don’t know, Half Life 2 is the game to end all games. It’s one of those first person shooters in which the player wins by getting bigger and better guns and killing other players. This game takes the concept to the next level. When you die and your screen shows the floor, you get to admire the grout in the tile or the individual strands of carpet. Everything moves. Shoot a banana and it flies across the level. The water looks like real water, complete with accurate reflections. I’ve been watching and playing a little of it and once the full version is released here in the next week or two, my life, as I know it, will be over.

On a slightly lighter note, we baptised my goddaughter today.

Bumbling idiot

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I want to be president so I can get pissed and interrupt a moderator and belittle the citizens of the United States of America. I’ve never had a moderator, but I belittle people all the time…of course, I’m not the president.

I just saw President Bush say that he would wouldn’t appoint a judge that let personal feeling get in the way of interpreting the constitution. He used the example of the Pledge of Allegiance debate as an example. Let me tell you something, folks. A strict interpretation of the constitution’s first amendment would demand that the words “under God” be removed. There’s no two ways around it. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean as long as there is religion. Freedom of religion means the right not to be religious as well. I’m a Catholic, but I’ll defend to the end of the earth the right for people to disagree with me. I’ll also defend the right of people to believe as they wish without having values and beliefs forced upon them. You’re reading this so you choose to hear what I think. If you think I’m wrong, I couldn’t be happier. I’ll defend your right to be wrong.

“Satan is a Yankee’s fan.” –Scott Copeland


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Wow. It’s funny how life can drag you away and not let you go. I thought I’d post an entry and it was over a week ago since my last one. I’ll try to catch up.

I went home early enough last Friday to put in three or four hours on the tractor. It’s amazing how much ground you can get over in that time pulling a 60′ Crust Buster at 7.5 mph.

Saturday was monstrously fun. Blaine Younger came down to Buster’s in Sun City and put on one hell of a show. The place was packed and I think we sounded very good. I’m still in awe of how my guitar sounds after my upgrade.

I had a rather productive day today. I spent the afternoon replacing the power steering pump in the Brougham. I spent tonight recording some demos of my songs so that they’re ready for pre-production and to give to prospective musicians or a producer. I still haven’t exactly nailed down what I’m going to do, but I want to be ready.

One last note: no more open mic at Bobby T’s. I’m overjoyed.