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Great showing last night at Buster’s. I greatly underestimated the crowd. I didn’t take a light show. I didn’t take anything but speakers and a powered mixer for a PA. It was the best show of my life. Thanks to everyone who came, especially my dedicated friends from Pratt as well as the crew from Freedom, OK. Let’s get that show down there on the books. I’m looking forward to crossing the border with guns ‘a blazin’.

On Saturday morning I moderated the Medicine Lodge High School Geek Bowl, a.k.a. Scholar’s Bowl, and had a blast. I got the opportunity to finally apologize to my fantastic English teacher for my being an “absolute prick” in high school. Long overdue.

My girlfriend tells me that I need to make a list of things so I won’t forget them. This trip we forgot my other light bar, my bass amp and my trailer, all of which would come in handy during the next few months. Check out the calender. They just keep rollin’ in. Awesome. Later on.

You better be there, Buster!

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I’m excited to go back to Buster’s tomorrow night. It’ll be my first solo acoustic show in months and I’m planning on breaking out some old favorites as well as some new stuff. It won’t be your average setlist, that’s for sure.

It’s looking like we’ll be back to Junction City on the first Saturday of February. I can’t list it because I haven’t called them back yet, but that’s when they wanted us. Plan on it.

We booked the Page in Hays for 28 February. I haven’t been there since the Mad Cows played. Fun times, yep.

I’ll be with Trevor Burgess every Wednesday night at Martini’s in Salina. We were there last Wednesday before the bar opened for a staff party. This place is great. Very large, very nice. They’re also very dedicated to Red Dirt country and building a following for it at their bar. I’m only going to list the next two Wednesdays in the email show listing.


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We had a good show last night at Gumby’s. I was pleased with the turn-out, considering the blistering cold and the fact that it was the middle of Christmas break. I got to see many people I haven’t seen for years. Good times had by all.

We just booked the Page in Hays and will be booking another show at Junction City tonight. I tell you what, though, I’m looking forward to heading home for a show at Buster’s this Saturday. This has been the most playing I’ve done and I’m exhausted. It’ll be a nice, relaxing, acoustic show and I’ll try and break out some old stuff.

Big Dogg’s

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We had a great show on Saturday night. Not the biggest crowd, but we had as many or a few more than any other bar in town. Seems as if we’ve got something. I thought Colby may have just been a fluke, but Saturday we felt much more solid than at Colby. This may just work. I’ll see you at Gumby’s on Tuesday.

Jealousy must surely be a dragon with emerald eyes

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Damn we have a lot of shows coming up. I’m excited. Getting ready now to head to Hays for our first practice. After already having one show and with one tomorrow, I can’t imagine doing things more efficiently.

Looks like the markets have stabilized. That’s good.

Starting the new year with a new attitude on things. It’s like seeing the world through another man’s eyes or like a fog lifted and things are much clearer now.

This’ll be fun.

“I’m gonna start by sinking my sword into the dragon’s heart.” –McClure

…caught it just in time to be too late…

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So this is a sample of what I’ve been writing the past 20 hours:

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The show in Junction was pretty short. Not many people there the Saturday two days after Christmas. Looking forward to next week, though.

“But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue.” –Hamlet

What a Christmas present

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It’s funny how news can so spoil a Christmas that would have otherwise been good. Take for example, but not exclusively, the mad cow scare. It shouldn’t matter. But it does. It’s such a small facet of what is important. Or is it? Sometimes things send your world reeling that shouldn’t. Eat beef. Keep your head. Fly on.

Black Wednesday

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I hope you weren’t long on cattle futures on the Merc.

It’s time had come. The confirmation of a single case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the state of Washington has sent the industry reeling. Why? Much ado about nothing, I think. The ignorant will tell you that you should stop eating beef. Those in the know will tell you that the market will stabilize around 75 to 80 cents…eventually.

Already a host of countries have given in to the same fear that has locked the markets limit-down today and probably through the first few days of 2004. What a Christmas present. It’s too bad that fear drives markets. If science and judgement drove prices, we’d see no change. I’m telling you, it’s time had come. I’m glad we’re finally getting it over with. Let’s pull the limits so the market can bottom out and I can go live with a long position and retire in 4 months.

Humans cannot get BSE, or “mad cow” disease. They can get a variant of a disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, that is similar, but only by eating brains, spinal cords and various other things not eaten by humans with a normal human’s diet. Yum.

On a lighter note, I’m playing in JC on Saturday night. Bring all your beef-eatin’ buddies. It’ll be a fun time.

Internet Radio Broadcast

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a log entry. Things have been very busy. Be sure to check out the internet radio show this Saturday. The link is available on the front page. Should be a good time. Might even talk Ron Clark into getting up and playing some with me. We’ll see. I’ll be back to regular entries this week.

Blessed are the snow plow drivers

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I just got back from Andover. My top speed from Wichita to Salina was 45mph. It was unequivocally the worst driving conditions I’ve ever encountered. It’s 11:24pm and we’re still setting up for our sporting goods auction tomorrow. It’ll all be a bad memory as I’m driving to Boland’s show in Hays tomorrow. It’ll be good to be back to the music after a week from hell.

I’ve heard some rumors that Pearl Grey may have a guitarist joining the ranks. I’ll keep you posted best I can.

Quote for the day: “Now I’m dry heaving so I can puke anywhere!” –Lucas Thornton, ill Purple Wave employee, the day before the Raytheon Aircraft auction.