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20 mpg

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My new pickup gets 20 mpg.

I just got back from the Hays area. We got some recording done. Should be a new EP coming out soon. We’ll use it as-is for now. When we start pushing it at our band shows we’ll have full instrumentation and harmonies. Look for it soon.

Party at the Ampride

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Headed to the Hays area tonight. We plan on doing some serious demo recording tomorrow. I bought a new pickup tonight that should hopefully get better gas milage. I figure that I can put a quart of oil in every 400 miles or I can put a quart of power steering fluid or hydraulic oil or engine oil or transmission fluid every four blocks in my car’s belt-driven oil spreader that used to help me steer.


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Quite possibly the worst review I’ve ever read.

It’s horrible. This fruitcake wouldn’t know the differences between different types of country music if they ganged up on him and bit him in…

Just go to the new site, www.countrykansas.com. Register. Post. Don’t ever go back.

Patronizing Smile

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Damnit. I had this eloquent log post all ready to go, became distracted and closed my browser. Frustrating.

Anyway, what it said was how I spent the day in Hutchinson, KS, at the strawboard manufacturing plant. It talked about how we’re selling it this Tuesday and how mad I was at having to be down there and not here being productive. It led to the fact that I was productive, talking about the new song that I wrote and about how I’ve had the verse melody and the first line or two done for over a year but that I just now finished it, never knowing how the rest of the song was going to turn out or how this was going to be my longest run-on sentence since March.

Anyway, I like my new song. It’s a departure from my recent songwriting record, but I believe it’s solid, at least as far as the melody and concept. I’ll give it the morning-after test tomorrow and get back with you.

Good things come in strange packages…

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I just got off the phone with Susan Marchman…that’s right…ever heard of Houston Marchman? She called to tell me my CD order didn’t go through. Seemed pretty damn cool…it was nice to say I had heard in Kansas that Houston’s show last night went very well…kind of impressed her. They’re going to send the CDs before they even get my check. Nice people.

So the show at Route 40 in Victoria got cancelled. Jim talked to Rick, the owner, and he forgot all about it. He booked a band from Kingman, who I can only assume are “Possum [sic] Hunter”. Looks like we’re not going back there. It’s too bad…we had decided to play the show for free so we wouldn’t have to charge a cover, so we’re not out any financially. It sucks because that’s Jim’s and Johnny’s home town bar. That’s ok. We’ll play the Library or some place in Hays. We’re not giving up on western Kansas just yet…at least not until we find out how well [Jason] Boland does on the 13th.

This will give us a chance to start practicing with Johnny.

Money’s on like a neckbone…

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It’s official. The band has started. With the addition of long time friend and player Johnny “Papa” Lapka, we can now call ourselves a band. Good or bad, it will be fun. We’re all rather excited about it. Check out the new Band Members section for pictures. We should have more content (and an name for the band) uploaded soon. Also, there will be a new website launching for Kansas music sometime next week. The site will be www.countrykansas.com and will be powered by Chivalrous Productions. It should benefit everyone with any kind of country music involvement in KS. More later.

I know me, and you know you…

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I seem to have fallen into a bottle of whiskey. I’ve been on this Stoney LaRue kick. I’ve learned “Crystal Eyes”, “Finelines”, “Train to Sanity”, and “Texas Moon”. Do you ever just cry because what you’re hearing is so good?

So I’ve done something wrong within the last two months. I don’t know what it was, but it’s bugging the hell out of me, not to mention causing problems.

I sent Jim a list of new songs for the Ellis County shows. I haven’t heard back. No news is bad news.

I have a lead on a drummer named Tyler. I met him at a party the other day but was feeling to sick to talk to him at length. I think by the way he was talking that he’s pretty good. I’m in one of those phases where I want to get a band rolling. I’m sure it will pass.

I feel so bad right now…for Stoney…why the hell don’t more people know about this guy?

I’m looking forward to the Route 40 show. Money’s on like a neckbone…or not. You know last time I kind of cared how our show went. This time it’s all cover. I hate playing for cover because I find it hard to care about the show. Oh well. Here we come.

More and more opportunities present themselves. It’s becoming a nuisance. I keep having to turn down changes that I find I want. I wish I could quit my job.

“I can’t blame my thoughts ’cause I just think ’em / I can’t blame the beers ’cause I just drink ’em” –Stoney “you’re awesome” Larue


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Sorry about the gap. I’ve been focusing exclusively on the Purple Wave and I’ve been really sick. I finally sold for a while yesterday at our big clock auction and I’d sell one lot, cough a few times, and sell another. I normally wouldn’t have been up at all but Aaron was in the same fix. He sold until he couldn’t talk anymore and then threw me up for an hour or two. The auction was quite a success, though. Ok, enough about that.

The good thing about having three auctions last week is that this week will essentially be a week off of auctions. I’ll have time to get well, learn new songs, and do some writing, hopefully.

I went to the McClure show Thursday and he was pretty sick. It sounded like a Willie Nelson show. Mike couldn’t hold a note to save his ass. I didn’t mind at all, being sick myself. We’ve all played shows where we weren’t 100%. Trevor and I decided that we were the only two in the crowd that could tell. It’s too bad, too, because I don’t know if they’re coming back. I hope they do; good times.

Well, I’m going to watch the new Star Trek that aired last week and then it’s a dive into my MP3 collection. I’m almost finished tweaking it, then I can put it away and not think about it. It’ll be nice buying music and not going through the headaches of renaming thousands of files a year.

Oh…and another thing: an Al Franken show is not a place to take a Republican on a quasi-date.

“Let’s ditch these plains and head for the south and sunny / You hold the whiskey, I’ll hold the money.” –Linville

tic, toc…

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Anyone want a clock?