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22 March at Buster’s in Sun City

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This is the big weekend, folks. Come spend the final weekend of spring break at Buster’s Saloon in Sun City. A short drive west of Medicine Lodge lies the coldest beer in Kansas, served by the fishbowl. Chivalrous Productions will be there in full force, recording the event for the upcoming live album, “Coffee Grounds”, so come early for some fantastic food and a seat for a great show. The music kicks off at 7:30 with the folk music and bluegrass dinner set. With a few special appearances in store, the party starts at 9:00 with a brand new, overhauled setlist. Tell your friends and neighbors; if you can hoot and / or holler, you need to be at Buster’s this Saturday night.

11 March Auction / Open Mic

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I think I still have something. After failing badly on Saturday opening for Trevor, I came out and tore up Guitar Town and nailed the brand new third verse to 200 Miles Away. I also had a request for, believe it or not, Doldrums tonight. I never thought that would happen. All this happened after the worst auction in a long time. We sold 650 lots in 4 1/2 hours. It was a bunch of auctioneers and ringman dancing over a 100 bidder flame. Alan, bless his heart, picked this night to demonstrate how valuable he thought he wasn’t during the auction. We sold most of what we had for a good price, which, in the end, is what every auctioneer strives to do. It wasn’t easy doing it, though, and the two…count them, two…computer failures during the night didn’t make my life any easier. It was so bad that when I was offered time on the stand I refused because I was so tired and jaded. I’m glad I had the open mic to ease my spirits…Oh, by the way, I played for what supposedly was a Capitol Records representative tonight. He had someone with him who played a Ryan Adams song better than Ryan himself played it. I was quite impressed.

April and May Cross Canadian Ragweed Shows

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That right folks we have some major musical news. Cross Canadian Ragweed is coming to Kansas in not one but two shows!!!! The first show will be in Lawerence on April 29th at the Bottleneck. The second show is going to be in Manhattan on May 1st at Longhorns. The cost of the Lawerence show is $10 for GA seating. Tickets just went on sale March 7 so get them fast. I’m not sure what the ticket price will be for the Longhorn’s show but I’m sure it will be close to the same price. Everyone should try and make it to both shows and support this fabulous group. See you there.

28 February at Aggie Station

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Sorry to those of you who made the Little Apple and Fats open mic nights this week. I’ve been feeling quite under the weather.

This Friday Trevor is playing again at Aggie Station. Come on in and head to the back section of the place for one hell of a good show. If you haven’t purchased his new CD, you should. 8 songs for $8.

Long Live Mr. Rogers

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Guest post from Chris Deines.

Well, Mister Fred Rogers died Thursday at the age of 74. This beloved man unfortunately died of stomach cancer in his Pittsburg home. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Mr. Rogers was one of my favorite shows as a kid. He was a much better neighbor than any of the real neighbors I had growing up. Fred Rogers you will be missed and may your spirit live on. You always were my neighbor.

New Website Activities

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A brand new image gallery has been created and is available by clicking “Pictures” on the left hand side.

Comments can be left for nearly all articles, surveys, reviews, links, and downloads.

Everyone can have their own forum for expression by clicking on the “Member Mayhem” link on the left side.

If you hear a good CD, watch a good movie, visit a good website, or go to a concert, please leave a review by clicking the “Reviews” link.

Several songs are available in the downloads section. Many more are on the way.

Any newsworthy event related to local music or Aaron Traffas should be posted by clicking “Submit News”.

Lastly, and most importantly, please click the “Leave Feedback” link to voice your ideas about this site.

14 February – Trevor Burgess Live at Aggie Station

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What better way to spend Black Fridee than getting your socks rocked off in Aggieville with Trevor Burgess at Aggie Station. If you haven’t bought his CD, you’d better. If you haven’t heard him, you’re missing out. Deines is driving from Topeka to make the show. Wherever you are, whatever you were planning on doing, you’d better make or change plans to be at this show.

New Music Available

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I’ve been sitting on a bunch of recordings that were made at Buster’s last year. For 200 Miles and Archipelago, these recordings are the only incarnations available. I threw some covers up as well. I’d appreciate any comments. By the way, I’m aware of the bug when you try to view the details. I’m working on it.