Stronger shade of blue

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I need a stronger shade of blue This one’s served me well before but now washed-out, weak and sickly it doesn’t suit me anymore I need a stronger shade of blue one reminiscent of our past of the legacy and sacrifice that’s now tarnished and collapsed There are monsters at the door and yet we […]

The Mad King

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They said that we should be silent They said that it was their turn They said that only they could fix the mess we made We watched the world burn They started to dismantle They were viciously relentless They culled our liberties. Our institutions under siege, We became feckless They closed their eyes as the […]

Star Trek meets metal

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One of the benefits of following @williamshatner on Twitter is that you occasionally get a gem like this.

Shatner sings FU

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Not bad for an 80-year-old. Shatner was on Lopez the other night performing a song by Cee Lo Green. The funny in this video is not only Shatner’s performance, it’s the backup singers. Not only are they dressed as characters from Shatner’s acting career, they also sing “Shatner” at about 1:15 in the video. If […]

A decade in Manhattan

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Image via Wikipedia It came and went. I realized sometime this year that last fall marked a decade of my tenure in the Little Apple of Manhattan, Kansas. I’m not sure when I realized it, but it was much less a sharp realization than it was a dull acknowledgement. Manhattan has been good to me […]


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What….a productive day. Nothing like throwing up three shows to the calendar with the possibility of a fourth in April alone. Putting ducks in a row in preparation for my yearly week-long excursion to Bloomington, Indiana. Headed to Indiana University on Saturday for auctioneer education as I have every March for the last five years. […]

Saturday's show

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The details have solidified for Saturday’s Junefest show. The show will start at 8 p.m. at the Peace Treaty Pageant Grounds east of Medicine Lodge on Highway 160, south of the golf course. The tickets – available at the show – will be $5 and will directly benefit Relay for Life. The show will feature […]

Still in Fayetteville

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Played a good show last night at the Perk in Fayetteville Not a huge crowd Not a drinking crowd Sometimes these shows are fun You can play 100% originals No drunk guy asking for Carney Man Or worse…Luke Bryan…Eric Church… Reese Neal played last night with us at the show Very talented songwriter with a […]

Arkansas and Jenny's song

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Loading for Fayetteville More studio time Hoping to finish a few songs Playing a show tonight With people I’ve never met Guess I’ll be playing defence again Here’s a video for the weekend Posted to the Amateur Scientist today Pretty cute lyrics with a great point [youtube width=”400″ height=”355″][/youtube]