Want a hat?

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I was reading my last log entry and realized I started every other sentence with “now” Sorry Now, I was peer-pressured into going to the Ragweed show. Liz and Tara made me go I wore my Buster’s hat The one in the picture from a few days ago One of the Pratt crew came up […]

The sixth season

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Here we go again Another road trip Salina from Manhattan by way of Stillwater Friday at JC’s was good, I thought Trevor seemed to believe otherwise Buster’s was fun but weird The owner’s daughter turned 19 A fact of which she kept reminding us She decreased the frequency of the reminders when I explained that […]

Big guns

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Boy, we had a hell of a show on Saturday night. We took the most firepower I’ve ever used at a show It payed off We had a solid sound for a quarter-mile You could probably hear it much farther away than that It was certainly the fullest sound I’ve heard outside of a big […]


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So much to say, so much… Getting ready to jet for Sharon Playing out at the big Larson Trail Ride tonight Jimmy B. and Michael Kisner are coming down Jimmy’s going to bang around and Mike’s going to complain about all the songs we play with a capo Just like old times Last night we […]

Now supported by Budweiser

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Its been a long week My paycheck said 61 hours Two big auctions and two shows this last week Makes a person beg for more We’re now sponsored by Budweiser Bless their kind, gentle hearts We’re getting ready to play this show at westloop I heard there were supposed to be 3000 people I think […]

The skies are almost begging to about turn modestly red

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Long time no blog Got back from Great Bend today after making a screaming trip down there and then home on Friday, back to Great Bend for the auction on Saturday, and then up to Kansas City on Saturday night for Trevor’s birthday bash. It was great to see Kade and him play again Going […]

Trail Ride

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Well McClure’s Soloman, KS, show got posted on his site. We can all thank our friend Josh from www.reddirtscene.com for the orchestration. Rumor has it that Trevor and I might have a part in supporting the show. Looks like the Trevor Burgess All-Stars will have a hell of a show on the 8th in the […]

Five states in five days

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Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Iowa Nebraska We didn’t play in MO or IA I’d never even been to more than three states in a week I feel like a rock star now Burgess and I are getting ready to buy a big-ass tour buss. Where we are going to find a big-ass tour bus within our […]

Bobby T’s tonight with extra sauce.

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What a wild ride. Five in a row. We played in Stillwater, OK, on Tuesday We played in Salina, KS, last night I’m playing at Bobby T’s tonight in Manhattan We’re playing in Tonganoxie, KS, tomorrow night We’re opening for FortyTwenty on Saturday in Lincoln, NE I’ve never had this much fun or met so […]