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Looks like we’ll be playing a show in Minneapolis this weekend. Come drink with us.

On a Thursdee at Longhorns

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Maddy and I are sitting here, alternating single-scotch with the bottles of beer, watching this girl digging Russell Lovenstein. We’re playing the Goat Bash on Saturday with a ton of beer and friends. Sunday at Bobby T’s. Here’s Lucas to see how he does with a Treo log… Maddy here now…thinking that the goat bash […]

Archipelago video

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From Bobby T’s in Manhattan, Kansas, on 29 March, 2008, this video of Aaron Traffas Band playing Archipelago features Aaron Traffas, Mason Powell, Chris Goering and Lucas Maddy. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVJNKRZ0M58[/youtube] For more YouTube goodness, view this gem. Rob told me about it the other day. It’s for all you asshole racists out there. This shows how […]


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Today I received two copies of Kansas English: The Journal of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. The twice-yearly-published compendium includes poems, song lyrics and essays from a range of authors in Kansas. This issue featured “Red Dirt Farm” on page 65. Thanks for G to getting it listed and sending me copies. ATS […]

Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

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I’m not a fan of commercials. I know that not really anyone is, but I’m pretty good at being immune to any and all forms of direct and indirect product placement. Yesterday on Facebook, however, I got my ass kicked. Facebook has been experimenting with different kinds of advertising techniques with varying degrees of success […]

Spring shows

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We’re finally getting back on track for the spring tour. The shows this weekend will take us to South Central Kansas and Western Kansas. Friday night, February 22, we’ll be at the newly remodeled Plum Thicket in Kiowa, Kansas. Saturday night, February 23, we’ll be at Professor’s Steak House in Hays, Kansas. More shows to […]

Saturday night, wrong side of town

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G said Bobbie tried to find me a girlfriend in [Waylon] Jennings. I wish I could remember. She should have tried harder. For the record, I cleaned the carpets of the van upon our return. I also didn’t get nearly the sleep I wanted as I was driving home. Bobbie kept waking me up, offering […]

You lost a hotel?

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Whoa Good morning Just a quick note G and I are playing Buster’s tonight Saw McClure at Longhorns last Thursday Linville opened Dusty was there, among others I got Wade Bowen’s latest CD Filled with superstition and pop country Lookout Nashville Gotta scoot

It's electric

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Well, Jim has convinced me that it’s time for me to make my triumphant return to the world of the electric guitar. I think it’s more like a bunch of friends pushing the gullible guy off the cliff – or off the rocker. In any case, it’s going to be a rock show at our […]


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It’s time for not only a guest blog but a double-guest blog. You know, kind of like the double-dog dare. Ladies and gentlemen, reprinted with permission, Mr. Dusty Feighner. 2004-12-19 0218 ——————- Aaron “Mutha [edit]in” Traffas, Comon now. Your a song writer. You should know workarounds like “Gonna”. Dammit it pisses me off when I […]