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There are perks for working at an auction company. We sold the Red Heel Saloon in Longford, KS. The owner seems very excited about putting an Aaron Traffas show in her bar. It looked like a great bar to play. We’ll be playing there hopefully sometime next month.


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The show set for this Saturday night in Junction City has been cancelled. I received a phone call from the management at Big Dogg’s this morning. Usually, when I get a cancellation of a show, I get quite upset. In this situation, however, I really can’t. It seems that the bar has closed down due […]


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For you hard-core street teams, I’ve finally gotten around to throwing up the flyers for the shows. You can download the PDF files from the calender pages. With fewer shows I can now focus on doing things correctly.

Route rhymes with shout

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Had an enjoyable time in Victoria Friday Made sure I ate at the Library on Saturday before heading home Looking forward to this week I think I’ll swing over and catch Bleu Edmondson at Bobby T’s on Tuesday Pete Gile is opening Junction City on Friday for the Pearl Grey finale Perhaps we’ll record a […]

Autumn to May

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I’m in a bluegrass mood They finally got around to unhooking the cable They must have realized that the old tennant moved out I was searching through my VHS collection last night Found a Bela Fleck concert from PBS Man, those guys could play… Bela…Sam Bush…Earl Scruggs… They don’t make ’em like that anymore. I […]

Maybe we’re doing something right

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Had a call from John Owns the Longhorn in Leonardville Booked Mike and me for 9/11 I’m pretty excited about it Close to Manhattan Sounds like a place like Buster’s


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I didn’t kick anything. Had an absolutely magnificant weekend Two of the funnest shows ever Friday a surprise song swap with Trevor in Hays Fun…our first song swap The die-hard red dirt fans didn’t hurt, either Thanks for the after hours, fellas…I think Saturday the first full band show at Busters Jim had a funeral […]

Comfort Zone

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Been awfully sick this week What I get for not sleeping last weekend Played a house party on Sunday night “When somebody calls I just answer the phone / and vacate the comfort zone” Auction tonight The Page tomorrow night Buster’s with a full band on Saturdee Hope I kick the bug in time You’ll […]

Better check out a book

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I’m not a food critic, mostly because rarely do I eat anything of consequence. Occasionally, though, fortune provides me with something to literally write home about. There is a place in Victoria, KS, that has fantastic food. It’s probably not much better than average to most, but most people don’t like greasy, thick hamburgers and […]