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Still alive Barely Seven shows in six days Don’t want to think about fuel consumption Two blown tires while doing 70mph More than 1000 miles in all Never had so much fun Thanks to Dusty Feighner for tagging along Made the road a little less hostile He’s going to open for us in September in […]

Hairy black holes

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Stephen Hawking has recanted his prior belief that black holes have no hair. That is, all the information that is preserved when something crosses the event horizon is mass, spin, and charge. Now he says that it is perhaps possible to know a little more history than that when the black hole evaporates. He lost […]

I don’t know why I asked for a menu

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I bounced over to Hays last night On a whim Blaine Younger and Mike Kisner played Route 40 I think we all had too good a time I got up and played a few I’d already had too much Trying to get myself to play was like trying to herd an old, blind cow through […]

Booking again

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I’m back Back from the farm Back from the cloud of uncertainty Almost enough money made back to cover my time off Booking shows again Just when I told myself I was taking some time off this fall to begin some much needed recording, I spend 30 minutes typing all my upcoming shows in this […]

I’m glad I’m not a dead horse

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Ahhh…relaxing at the Wave Picturing merchandise Listening to a DVD I downloaded of the Counting Crows Live from Amsterdam These guys used to be a rock band right out of the garage Sometime since I became a fan they became seasoned professionals There is a calmness about them that compliments their accuracy I’m going to […]

Zero crossing

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Pour me a lobotomy at the zero crossing. I just had a shitty weekend. I managed to spend $100 while making $70. Perhaps I’ll tell explain it sometime. I did get to hang out with my old band in Kansas City. They’re playing for Blaine Younger now. Trevor and I played in Tonganoxie at Helen’s […]

Diesel music

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Wanna know what the sweetest sound in the world is? Too bad. I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s the sound of a Massey Fergueson 860 combine starting for the first time after a long, cold winter. My father vouched for me last week. I guess I’m now providing the sound equipment for the 100th […]

God bless us fools

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Trevor and I played at Nestler’s tonight. We had a solid set. The offical final score was 3-2, though I don’t remember who won. Never Been Caught (Where Rock and Country Collide) played after us and before the Mike McClure Band. It was a good show all around and I saw many people I hadn’t […]

Chillin’ with Quillen

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It occurred to me that I’ve never not had a place to live. Sorry to employ the double negative, but I do not, in fact, currently have a place to live. I started thinking about it and realized that most people never have this problem, if it is a problem. It begs an entirely new […]

We were smoking off this bong…

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Sitting here swapping weed stories with my buddies… Swapping is rather bad nomenclature, being as I don’t have any to swap… “Ninja shit…going between trees…those bushes that have pine needles on them…he passed by and I just took off for the car…pretending like I was looking for a dog…that’s the day I swore off drugs…and […]