Copper Penny

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I went down to Stillwater last night. Played the Copper Penny with a sick Burgess Mark Hunter and Katie came out. It was good to see both of them again. We hit Willies and the Wormy Dog after we tore down. The lead singer for 12 Pearls was playing an acoustic show at the Dog. […]

Change #1

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I’m getting ready to head up north to Frankfort with Burgess and some girls. We’re playing at Goob’s Guzzler tonight. Goob’s 20th Anniversary So the only way that we could figure out how to get all four of us and the equipment up to Frankfort without taking two vehicles was to fire up the Brougham […]


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If you can’t make Salina on Wednesday, you should check out Wade Bowen at Shotz. Christopher J. Deines just called. He’s thinking about buying and learning to play a bass guitar. That’d be great. Something is better than nothing, and it’d be nice to get someone I know would be a good addition. We’ll see […]

Open mic nights

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Aparantly, an open mic in Sun City means that everyone can plug in and play along with anyone else. Listen here, Buster. It’s hard enough for professionals to play along with me. How the hell can someone with experience in strictly old country, folk, and bluegrass (the adjective operates here on all three nouns) play […]


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It’s funny I can go for months struggling to write a stanza or two Then, all of a sudden, I get a song or two. Look for my new single “The Mirror” in a [drug]store near you. For those of you keeping score at home: Yes, the address for Bobby T’s was incorrect on the […]

Lines of code

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I’ve been buried at work lately. Its quite refreshing, actually, after playing 10 shows last month while keeping the job. Already nine are booked for April with the possibility of more. I’m going to have to hunker down for a while and scrape some cash to pay the wolves. Great shows at Martini’s and Bobby […]

Back to the trenches

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I’m sick of this melancholy news section Everything I post seems to fit Why do professionals have to be so dischordant Buck at PJ’s says they’ll book solo shows I’m going to talk to Brian about putting Blaine and me in there “I love this song” –someone in the next room listening to Chris LeDoux’s […]

6 1/2 hours

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That’s right. We played from 7:00pm until 1:30am. If you add up all the time I was on break, I was off the stage for a grand total of 10 minutes all night. We tried to shut down at the pre-arranged midnight and were immediately mobbed by everyone, including the owner, who informed us that […]

Throw it up

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Long time no log entry. Headed to Buster’s, not looking forward to it for some reason. I just hope we can do a good job.