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I might go crazy

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I gave my sister my camera and told her to take pictures of our show last night. She came up to me about two hours in and told me the batteries were dead. I figured I didn’t get them charged well enough and gave her some alkaline batteries to use. I found out after the show why she ran the batteries down. She took 350 pictures. Look for some of them soon.

We had a great show last night at The Page. Look for us to be back soon.

I’m getting ready to head to PJ’s and check out the open mic nighters with Trevor. We need to relieve some stress.

“Aaron Traffas and Pearl Grey at the Page in Hays, Kansas, featuring Aaron Traffas, Mike Kisner, Jim Billinger, Johnny Lapka”

From 20040228 Page, posted by Aaron Traffas on 4/26/2008 (27 items)

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Jared Pete Gile Band

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Holy cow, folks…these guys are solid. Great show tonight at Bobby T’s.

Guess who showed up. Blaine Younger. I haven’t seen him in quite a while. Fantastic singer/songwriter. I’ll open for him any day. It just might happen. Look for something soon. Thanks for buying the big beers for me. Tyler too.

Biggest show in the world tomorrow night at The Page. Good stuff going on. We’ve actually practiced for this one. Some of us have, anyway. You will not be disappointed. Come out and join 1000 of your closest, soon to be friends at what will be the hoppingest place in Western Kansas. Word.

Learn Tilton thought I was Jason Boland last night.

Peace comes from yeast.

Go to www.reddirtscene.com for a good time. While you’re at it, check Arturo got the Shaft for a good Blog.

I miss Julie.

Looking forward to seeing my new, and especially old, friends at The Page tomorrow night. G’night.

In my ears, man

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Holy damn..

Fantastic show, Pete. I had my doubts coming in, but now you can bet that if ever I’m not playing and the Jared Pete Gile band is, that’s where I’ll be.

I had grandeous plans coming in about leaving after the JPG band and No Justice. I didn’t like Jason Boland. I’ve never seen him put on a good show – until tonight. This guy got good in the course of 6 weeks. Last time I saw him he couldn’t stand up. Now, he’s putting on a rockin’ set. What did he do? I haven’t come back from a show with my ears ringing this badly since I saw the Great Divide with Jim and Blaine.

Thanks to the girl who was grinding against me all night, front and center stage, taking the normal place of someone else whom I missed.

I’ve said too much. I’ll see ya’ll on Saturday night.



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I just got done doing a radio interview with Blondy from 92 JAMZ in Colby. It was an hour long and I doubt that much more than about three minutes will make it on, but you can look forward to excerpts being posted here on the site. She let me plug the Page show as well as this website, which was good. Our manager was pretty hard on her on the pre-interview call, but things turned out OK. Peace comes from yeast. Later.

Outdrank by Trevor’s girlfriend

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So I guess Trevor tells me that on a per-person basis, his girlfriend out-drank my band at our two last respective shows. I’m sure she loves us spreading that around. Hey, Shana.

I’ve been mixing down the minidisc recording from Colby. Wow. Look for some stuff available for download soon.

After hours

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Sitting here at Candace’s house. After hours in Colby. Rock.

We just got out of our first back-to-back combo show. Awesome times. We came over here last night after the show and jammed for about two and a half hours until the hotel would let us get Mike and me two nights for the price of one…about 5:00am.

We had a $102 bar tab tonight. That’s for sure a record. A four-piece band drinking that much isn’t healthy. It sure didn’t show, though. Very solid. Later.