Pat Green sold out

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…and so did his concert at Abe and Jake’s in Lawrence. Burgess and I decided we didn’t want to go…then Barry and I decided that we did. Then Burgess said he’d go along. Then Barry found out that we needed a credit card to reserve tickets. He called and they had 50 left. He then […]


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I watched in awe tonight as Trevor told one of the Stragglers tonight on the phone that they should buy my CD and from where it was available. Pete was gambling with Jason and the Stragglers in KC tonight and they were calling Burgess every five minutes. It was a site to see. All this […]

She took it all

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Yes, folks…that’s right….I have no hair left. None to speak of, anyway. Dawn cut all of my hair. Pete had a good show last night. I didn’t get off the tractor at home until 7:30…had a few things to do including drive 3.5 hours back to Manhattan…didn’t make it to Rusty’s until 12:30. Still, the […]


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“I’m suprised he doesn’t burn stuff when he walks by.” — Greg Fletchal talking about someone.

Modern day critic

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So I just posted the long-awaited review of Pete’s new CD. It’s in the reviews section. If you don’t have this CD yet, get it. “I’ve never been very good with praise.” –Captain Kirk, Star Trek Starfleet Academy Wayne brought me beer just as I was finishing the review. I have so much work to […]

Create the catalyst

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Just finished the auction. 8:30. We need more merchandise. Just booked a show at Busters. Rick gave me hell about the hidden track on my CD…He doesn’t like the dead time between I Drink Alone and the last song…his CD changer won’t skip and keep music rolling. I guess he gets a special edition. I […]

Back on Scotch

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Damn. Shotz sucks. Longhorns told Barry that they left their Texas country at home. We promptly left. I’m glad they put that couple out on their brand new dance floor. I understand why they changed, but I don’t think it’s going to work for them…Matt Church is a good guy, but Longhorn’s notoriety came frome […]

Long Live Mr. Rogers

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Guest post from Chris Deines. Well, Mister Fred Rogers died Thursday at the age of 74. This beloved man unfortunately died of stomach cancer in his Pittsburg home. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Mr. Rogers was one of my favorite shows as a kid. He was a much better neighbor than […]